Meta Quest 3 Overview: Should You Purchase It?

Meta Platforms created the Meta Quest 3, a stand-alone virtual reality (VR) headset. It was declared on June 1, 2023, and September 27, 2023 release is anticipated. Over the Meta Quest 2, the Meta Quest 3 represents a significant improvement. It has a speedier CPU, a better display, and better tracking. It also has a new design that is lighter and easier to wear.

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    Meta Quest 3 Specification

    • Display: 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution per eye, 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
    • Memory: 12GB RAM
    • Battery: Estimated battery life of 3 hours
    • Cameras: Four cameras for tracking
    • Audio: Integrated speakers and a headphone jack
    • Other features: Hand tracking, passthrough, social features

    What is Meta Quest 3?

    With several upgrades over its predecessor, the Meta Quest 3 is a potent VR headset. For gamers, entertainment buffs, and productivity users, it is a good option. It is crucial to remember that the device is somewhat pricey and that it does have some restrictions.

    What are the features of the Meta Quest 3?

    • Display with a higher resolution: The Meta Quest 3 has a per-eye resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is approximately 30% greater than the Meta Quest 2. As a result, the VR experience is richer and more immersive.
    • Superior processor: The Meta Quest 3’s Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU is nearly twice as powerful as the Meta Quest 2’s. This allows for more complex VR experiences, such as high-end games and apps.
    • Better tracking: The Meta Quest 3 has four tracking cameras, making it possible to track the user’s head and hands with greater accuracy and dependability. This is crucial for VR games and other experiences that call for exact movement.
    • Hand tracking: The Meta Quest 3 has built-in hand tracking, which enables users to operate the headset without the need for controllers. For some VR experiences, like social VR apps, this is a practical feature.
    • Passthrough: While wearing the headset, users of the Meta Quest 3 can see the outside world thanks to passthrough. This is helpful for interacting with the real world while using virtual reality or for checking your surroundings.
    • Social capabilities: The Meta Quest 3 has social capabilities that let users communicate with one another in virtual reality. This includes tools like voice chat and cooperative games.

    Who is the Meta Quest 3 for?

    Many different types of people can use the Meta Quest 3. Examples include:

    • Gamers: Meta Quest 3 is an amazing alternative if you want to play the most latest VR games. It can play even the most demanding games because to its powerful CPU and high-resolution display.
    • Entertainment enthusiasts: On the Meta Quest 3, fans of entertainment may view movies, TV shows, and other types of entertainment. It has a built-in library of experiences and applications, and you may also use it to access content from other streaming sources.
    • Productivity users: The Meta Quest 3 is also useful for productivity activities such as working from home or attending virtual meetings. Hand tracking and passthrough are two characteristics that make it a more productive VR headset.
    • Anyone who wants to experience VR: The Meta Quest 3 is a wonderful choice for anybody interested in trying out VR. It is simple to set up and use, and it offers a wide range of experiences.

    The following are some applications for the Meta Quest 3:

    • Playing games: The Meta Quest 3 features a diverse game library that includes puzzle, sports, action, and adventure titles.
    • Watching movies and TV shows: Using Meta Quest 3, you may watch movies and TV shows in a virtual theater.
    • Virtual reality experiences: There are several virtual reality experiences available for the Meta Quest 3, including educational, social, and fitness-related ones.
    • Working from home: Working from home in a virtual office is possible with the Meta Quest 3.
    • Attending virtual meetings: You can use the Meta Quest 3 to join virtual gatherings of your friends, family, or coworkers.
    Meta Quest 3

    Features of Meta Quest 3

    Hand tracking

    The hand tracking on the Meta Quest 3 is superior to the Meta Quest 2. The Quest 3 can track every finger on your hands, as well as their location and movement, using four cameras. You may now engage more organically and without the usage of controls with VR apps and games.

    On the Meta Quest 3, you can perform the following tasks using hand tracking:

    • Navigate menus and apps
    • Select objects and interact with them
    • Play games
    • Draw and paint
    • Give gestures

    Hand tracking is not yet perfect and is still in development. It occasionally has a tendency to be inaccurate, and using it in dim lighting can be challenging. But it is a promising technology that could make VR more realistic and immersive.

    Here are some pointers for using hand tracking on the Meta Quest 3 to achieve the best outcomes:

    • Check the lighting on your hands.
    • Keep your hands within the cameras’ field of view.
    • Hand motions should be deliberate and slow.
    • Try to avoid jerky movements.
    • Try calibrating the hand tracking if you’re having trouble.


    Users of the Meta Quest 3 can see the outside world while wearing the headset thanks to a full-color passthrough feature. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, including stepping out of virtual reality, gazing about, and engaging with the actual world.

    The passthrough in Meta Quest 3 is substantially better than the passthrough in Meta Quest 2.The latency is shorter, the resolution is greater, and the colors are more true.The ability to see the outside world while utilizing VR enhances the immersion.

    To enable passthrough on the Meta Quest 3, simply push the button on the side of the headset. To activate passthrough, double-tap the appropriate controller.

    When you enable passthrough, the headset’s display will offer a real-time image of your surroundings. You may turn your head to see around the room. You may also use the controls to interact with the actual world.

    To disable passthrough, simply push the button on the side of the headset once more.

    The Meta Quest 3’s passthrough is a fantastic feature that can increase the accessibility and immersion of VR. It’s a handy tool for exiting virtual reality, exploring your surroundings, and engaging with the outside world.

    Passthrough allows you to accomplish the following things on Meta Quest 3:

    • Take a break from VR: You can enable passthrough to briefly glimpse the outside world if you are feeling overwhelmed or worn out by VR.
    • Check your surroundings: When you enable passthrough, you assure that you will not collide with anything when using VR in public.
    • Interact with the real world: You may use the controls to pick up real-world things like a drink or open doors.
    • Use it as a mixed reality headset: You may use it as a mixed reality headset with a variety of passthrough-enabled applications and services. In these experiences, you may see both real and virtual items at the same time.

    Social Features

    The precise social features of The Meta Quest 3 are still unknown because it is still in development. However, based on what Meta has said about the headset and what is currently available on the Meta Quest 2, we can make some educated assumptions.

    The Meta Quest 3 may have the following social features, to name a few:

    • In-game chat: Players will be able to communicate with one another while engaging in VR games or other applications thanks to in-game chat.
    • Social VR apps: The Meta Quest 2 already has a number of social VR apps like VRChat and AltSpaceVR. These apps enable users to socialize, hang out in virtual spaces, and take part in activities.
    • Remote work and collaboration: Working remotely and collaborating virtually are both possible with the Quest 3. Employees could collaborate on projects or attend virtual meetings using the headset, for instance.
    • Virtual events: You could watch concerts, conferences, or sporting events virtually using the Quest 3.
    • Virtual classrooms: It is possible to use the Quest 3 in virtual classrooms. The headset allowed students to participate in live lectures and online courses.

    Among the social features that the Quest 3 is most likely to have are a few of these. We can anticipate seeing even more social features added as the headset matures.

    The Meta Quest 3 is likely to include some new features intended to enhance social presence in addition to the social features already mentioned. The equipment is said to include eye tracking and facial expression monitoring capabilities, allowing avatars to be more expressive and lifelike. The headset may also have a passthrough mode that allows users to view what is going on around them while wearing it. This might be beneficial for social interactions since it allows users to create natural eye contact and movements.

    Meta Quest 3


    The Quest 3 is a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset for gaming, leisure, and productivity. It has various features that make it an excellent gaming platform, including:

    • A strong processor that can produce immersive visuals that are fluid.
    • Displays with high resolution and crystal-clear pictures.
    • It is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time because to its adjustable and comfortable structure.
    • There are a variety of games available, ranging from relaxing to action shooters.

    The Quest 3 is a wonderful choice for players searching for the best VR experience imaginable. Because of its capabilities, features, and games, it can provide a great and immersive VR experience.

    Apps & Experiences

    At launch, there should be a huge selection of apps and experiences for The Meta Quest 3. The following are some of the most popular app and experience categories:

    • Games: The Quest 3 includes a broad range of games such as sports, puzzle, action, and adventure games. Resident Evil 4 VR, Superhot VR, and Beat Saber are some of the most well-liked games.
    • Entertainment:Movies, TV series, and music videos are just a handful of the various entertainment options for the Meta Quest 3. In VR, you may also watch live events such as concerts and sporting activities.
    • Social:The Meta Quest 3 has a variety of social apps and activities that allow you to communicate with friends, play games, and meet new people. Some of the most popular social networking applications include VRChat, AltspaceVR, and Rec Room.
    • Fitness: The Meta Quest 3 has a number of fitness activities and applications that allow you to exercise in virtual reality. Beat Saber, FitXR, and Supernatural are among the most well-known fitness applications.
    • Creativity: The Meta Quest 3 has a wide variety of creativity experiences and apps that you can use to express yourself and make art. Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, and SculptVR are some of the most well-liked creative software programs.

    The Meta Quest 3 will feature a wide range of experiences and applications, and these are just a few of them. We should anticipate seeing even more incredible and cutting-edge apps and experiences developed as the VR ecosystem develops.

    Price & Availability

    How much does the Meta Quest 3 cost?

    The 128GB version of the Meta Quest 3 costs $499. A 256GB model will also exist, but the cost has not yet been disclosed. Fall 2023 is the anticipated release date for The Quest 3.

    The Quest 3 costs significantly more than the Quest 2, which cost $399. This has drawn some criticism because many people thought that the Quest 2 was already somewhat pricey. Meta has defended the Quest 3 cost by arguing that it is necessary to pay for the extra features and technologies it provides.

    It is ultimately up to the player to choose if Quest 3 is worthwhile. If you want the greatest VR experience imaginable, the Quest 3 is the way to go. If you’re on a limited budget, the Quest 2 or another VR headset could be a better alternative.

    Meta Quest 3

    Where can I buy the Meta Quest 3?

    Although it has not yet been released, The Meta Quest 3 is anticipated to do so in the fall of 2023. The following merchants will offer it for sale:

    • Meta Quest website
    • Amazon
    • Best Buy
    • Walmart
    • GameStop
    • Target
    • Newegg
    • Adorama

    Although the Meta Quest 3’s price has not yet been announced, it is believed to be in the $499 area. Join the queue on the Meta Quest website to get notifications when Meta Quest 3 becomes available for purchase.


    The Meta Quest 3 is a considerable advance over the Meta Quest 2. It has a lighter design, a higher-resolution display, a faster CPU, better tracking, a longer battery life, compatibility for Wi-Fi 6, a redesigned user interface, and social VR capabilities. These advancements promise to make VR experiences more immersive and to enable the running of demanding apps.

    The Meta Quest 3 is still in development, however it has a wide range of applications:

    • Gaming: Because to increased VR capabilities, gamers may now enjoy a more realistic and entertaining gaming experience.
    • Entertainment: The Meta Quest 3 enables immersive television and movie viewing.
    • Education: It offers simulated, interactive learning environments.
    • Social Interaction: Virtual reality opens up new avenues for communication and teamwork.
    • Business: The headset has uses in collaboration, training, and other areas as well.

    Although promising, the Meta Quest 3 has a few drawbacks to take into account:

    • Cost: It is still fairly pricey.
    • Battery Life: Some users may desire greater battery life..
    • Field of View: The field of view may not be as broad as intended.
    • VR Sickness: Some people might feel uncomfortable while using VR.

    In conclusion, the Meta Quest 3 could be a game-changer for VR technology, offering a number of improvements over its predecessor and creating new opportunities for social interaction, business, education, and entertainment. Its transformative potential in the field of technology and interaction is considerable, despite some restrictions.

    Should I buy the Meta Quest 3?

    Depending on your financial situation and specific needs, you must decide whether to buy the Meta Quest 3. A few things are important to think about:

    • Budget: The Meta Quest 3 is an expensive virtual reality headset. If money is an issue, looking into less expensive options might make sense.
    • Intended Use: Although the Meta Quest 3 excels in many applications, gaming and entertainment stand out as its strongest suit. Alternative headsets might be more appropriate for business or educational settings.
    • Use: The Meta Quest 3’s improved features were well worth the investment due to frequent use. However, infrequent use might not make the higher price worthwhile.

    The choice to buy a Meta Quest 3 is a private one.It’s a serious contender if you’re looking for the best VR experiences.Nevertheless, other models might be more suitable if there are financial restrictions or if the frequency of use is uncertain.

    Additional factors consist of:

    • Upgrade from Meta Quest 2: If you already have a Meta Quest 2, you might not need to upgrade to the Meta Quest 3. The Quest 2’s continued software support ensures that it is a reliable choice.
    • Software compatibility: Before making a purchase, make sure the Meta Quest 3 is compatible with the VR games and apps you want to use.
    • Facebook Account Requirement: Utilizing the Meta Quest 3 requires a Facebook account, which is required. Those who don’t already have one must create one.

    The decision ultimately depends on how well the advantages of the Meta Quest 3 match your preferences and situation.

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